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As our name suggests, the Agenda Project focuses on identifying and exploiting the diverse set of issues that best exemplify the fundamental differences between the modern Right and decent Americans. We select those opportune moments which best illustrate the essential differences between the two perspectives and then develop aggressive, multi-platform campaigns to amplify the differentiation. In doing so, we challenge our fellow citizens to examine their personal values and, in essence, pick a side.

By focusing on the issues that best illustrate the fundamental differences between the two sides, we can break through the right-wing propaganda machine and lay bare the inadequacies of their viewpoint. Our approach seeks to repeatedly strike the collective nerve of the body politic and in so doing create a resonance which lives long after the initial messaging is complete. Our unique capacity can initiate a wholesale rejection of conservative principles and create an opening for the adoption of rational policies that encourage the decent, humane society that the overwhelming majority of Americans endorse.

Because of the power of the modern Right, for many citizens, the country's defining aspiration - that all people deserve the freedom to realize their full, individual potential - is increasingly unattainable. Americans suffer the largest level of inequality - and the fastest increase in inequality - in the developed world. 

The reason for this is simple - our system of self-governance has been taken over by a small group of amoral corporate leaders and multi-millionaires masquerading as the conservative political movement. A perverted version of Christianity and debunked economic theories mask fear, hate and greed.

Rather than meeting their constitutional obligation to represent the interests of their fellow citizens, politicians act as stewards of their own political capital and the corporate interests that fund them.

The result of this (mostly) legal corruption is that tax dollars which could enhance the lives of our citizens instead subsidize multi-national corporations that jeopardize the foundation of our economic (i.e., financial markets); ravage our national resources (i.e., destroying the Gulf); and poison our citizens (i.e., agribusiness), among other things. The conservative corruption of our political system and the increasing divisions among our citizens are exacerbated by the growing degradation of our culture. Whether led or caused by the indiscriminate deification of wealth over virtue, monetary success has become synonymous with human value.

No political figure, however eloquent, is capable of leading our country out of the ethical wasteland in which we find ourselves, instead this revolution will be led by extraordinary every day people. 

Our goal is to help them.