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FEATURE STORY – DEBATES IN DEMAND: Thanks to the efforts of advocates demanding for more Democratic debates, will be hosting a Democratic Forum where questions will come directly from MoveOn members. Senator Bernie Sanders has already confirmed his attendance and looks forward to your questions. Read coverage of the victory in Time Magazine HERE while we await more information regarding forum details.

PROGRESSIVE MERGER - Wellstone Action has announced that they will be absorbing the New Organizing Institute, the innovative group known for their digital and data training programs for organizers and advocates. Read more about the two progressive groups and merger HERE.

#MYHUNGERGAMES –  The AFL-CIO has launched their newest campaign, Odds in Our Favor. The campaign seeks to take back the narrative surrounding the daily realities of income inequality. Learn how you can ‘Join the Resistance’HERE.

LET IT GO, GOP - American Family Voices has released a hilarious parody of “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen, poking fun at the GOP for their involvement with the Benghazi Special Committee after members came forward and debunked the committee’s credibility. Watch the music video HERE.

TAX HAVENS - The Agenda Project has teamed up with 16 other major leaders from the progressive movement to call on Congress to make big corporations pay their fair share of taxes on profits they have stored in offshore tax havens. Thousands of you have already signed, but for those who haven’t, sign the petition HERE.

END CAMPUS RAPE – This week Ultraviolet, the community mobilizing to fight sexism and expand women’s rights, launched their new campaign, Watch the emotionally powerful video that will undoubtedly make you raise your voice against rape culture HERE.

WOMEN’S RIGHTS, NO LAUGHING MATTER - American Civil Liberties Union has announced their new Celebrity Ambassador for Women’s Rights, SNL comedian Sasheer Zamata. Watch Sasheer find a way to take on the important topic of gender inequality with a sense of humor HERE.

BLM v. DNC - Black Lives Matter has partnered with ColorofChange.Org to circulate a petition demanding an official BlackLivesMatter Presidential Debate framed with policy recommendations and substance, rather than rhetoric. This petition came right before the DNC had lended their support for a presidential town hall to the organization, but refused to add a formal debate. Sign the petition HERE and read more about the DNC’s negligence HERE.

DEAN’S LIST – The Natural Resource Defence Council has produced a short video that explains the recent EPA publication, outlining the final rules in the comprehensive Clean Power Plan. Count the ways the Clean Power Plan will cut carbon pollution with the video HERE.

WHISTLEBLOWERS CALL IN – At this year’s ‘Computers, Freedom and Privacy Conference,’ co-chaired by Free Press, whistleblower Edward Snowden called into an interview with fellow whistleblower Mike German to discuss the future of U.S surveillance policy. Read about the chilling and eye opening conversation HERE.

ANTI-IMMIGRATION BILL FAILS – The nation’s premier civil and human rights coalition, the Leadership Conference, is celebrating this week as the Senate has rejected a bill seeking to end sanctuary cities. Read about the victory in rejecting the dangerous bill HERE.

ENDING JIM CROW – The Restaurant Opportunity Center, widely known for their mission to improve wages and working conditions for the nation’s restaurant workforce, has released a report studying how restaurant workers are effectively separated by race and gender through a divide between livable wage and poverty wage positions. Read the attention-grabbing report HERE.

WEEKLY $1000 WINNER - Democracy for All has announced their weekly winner for their video challenge! Watch “Greedy Ballot Box” by Tomas GasparHERE.

K-12 LIFE - The Advancement Project has initiated an important conversation about the school-to-prison pipeline through an educational game titled the Game of K-12 Life. Watch the game being used as an educational tool to discuss the pipeline HERE.

… From the Wonk Wire…

401(k)s are a Negligible Source of Income for Seniors - In this week’s Economic Snapshot, Dr. Monique Morrissey, retirement security expert at the Economic Policy Institute, discusses how 401(k)s are not a sufficient source of income for seniors. Read the snapshot HERE.

Supporting the Department of Labor’s “Best Interest Rule” Is Good for All Business - Leo Hindrey, ‘Patriotic Millionaire’ and Co-Chair of the Task Force on Jobs Creation, analyzes the “Best Interest Rule” and how major corporations need to put people before profits. Read his article and suggestions HERE.

Corporate Vultures Circling the Dead for Profit, Seeking to Change Unclaimed Property Laws - Karl Frish, Director of Allied Progress, talks about life insurance companies profiting off of the unclaimed properties of deceased. Read his analysis of the flaws in the Uniform Unclaimed Property Act HERE.


FEATURE STORY: TAX HAVENS – The Agenda Project has teamed up with 16 other major leaders from the progressive movement to call on Congress to make big corporations pay their fair share of taxes on money they have stored in offshore tax havens. See who’s involved and sign the petition HERE.

VOTER REGISTRATION WIN – Thanks to the outstanding efforts of organizations like iVote, the Brennan Center for Justice and the Democracy Alliance, Gov. Jerry Brown of California has signed a bill that makes voter registration automatic at DMVs when applying for licenses or state IDs. Read about this huge success and effects of the bill HERE.

BAN THE BOX –, an online organization that strengthens Black America’s political voice, has launched a new campaign asking President Obama to take executive action on banning the box on job applications that asks if the applicant had any prior convictions. Sign the petition to provide fair chances at employment for formerly incarcerated job seekers HERE.

HONEST GIL IN THE LEAD – Represent.Us recently launched their campaign for Honest Gil Fulbright, the satirical and honest presidential candidate. The campaign has had so much success that the fake candidate beat Jeb Bush and 4 other candidates in a New Hampshire straw poll. Watch the campaign ad for Honest Gil Fulbright HERE and read the hilarious results of the straw poll HERE.

REPRODUCTIVE JUSTICE – Thanks to NARAL Pro- Choice California’s undercover investigation of Crisis Pregnancy Centers last year, California is now the first state to order Crisis Pregnancy Centers to offer pregnant women information about state programs that provide reproductive health-care services, including abortion. Read about this huge step forward for reproductive rights HERE.

A NEW FACE FOR GUN SAFETY – Actress, Oscar-winner, and mother Julianne Moore has joined Everytown for Gun Safety to launch the Everytown Creative Council – a group of celebrity artists who are issuing a call to action on common sense gun policy. See which artists have joined this council and what steps they are taking to combat gun violence HERE.

“PHARMA BRO” INVESTIGATION – New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has answered the Human Rights Campaign’s call to investigate Turing Pharmaceuticals after they recently imposed a 5000% price hike on the life saving drug, Daraprim. Read about the investigation into possible violations of antitrust laws HERE.

DARE TO IMAGINE – The U.S Department of Arts and Culture, a non-profit dedicated to promoting social justice through creativity, launched #DareToImagine last week. Learn more about the USDAC and the project HERE.

KEEPING THE CANYON GRAND – Environmental and wildlife preservation organizations like the Sierra Club are rejoicing this week as Arizona Congressman Raul Grijalva announced a new bill that would ban uranium mining near the Grand Canyon. Read about the bill that is attempting protect the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River HERE.

REVERSE MASS INCARCERATION – The Brennan Center for Justice has released their latest report urging Congress to pass legislation that would reverse the 1994 “Crime Bill” that used federal funds toward building new prisons and instead use federal dollars to reward states that successfully reduce both crime and incarceration. Read the report HERE.

WEEKLY $1000 WINNER – The Democracy for All video challenge has chosen this week’s winner! Watch the video “End Corruption, Restore Democracy” by Kyle Marie HERE.

… From the Wonk Wire…

Testimony of Caroline Fredrickson – Top Wonk and President of the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy, Caroline Fredrickson was called on to testify on behalf of Planned Parenthood in front of the House Judiciary Committee. Read her incredible testimony defending women’s rights and access to healthcare HERE.

Raising the Overtime Salary Threshold Is an Important Improvement in Working Families’ Labor Standards – Ross Eisenbrey, Vice President of the Economic Policy Institute, discusses the first steps in improving labor standards for families in his testimony before the House of Representatives Committee on Small Businesses Subcommittee on Investigations, Oversights and Regulations. Read his detailed report HERE.

Bernie Sanders is About as Radical as Harry Truman – Robert Kuttner, co-founder of The American Prospect and a Top Wonk, debunks the criticism that presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’ ideas are radical. Read his article HERE.